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We can do design of many different print or electronic formats. These include;

  • Brochures
  • Books
  • Business plans
  • Invitations
  • Banners
  • Year-books
  • Photo-books
  • Flyers
  • Posters

Some samples are included in the tabs above

Business Plan

Business Plan Cover
Business Plan Cover

This is a sample of a Business Plan cover, designed to client specifications.

Business Plan inside content

This is the inside content of a business plan.


JDA - What's the Plan - Invitation

Twitter Banners

Twitter Banner with Logos

This is a sample of a banner prepared to be used as part of a marketing campaign on Twitter

Photo Books

Photo Book page

This is a Photo Book sample page. Photo books can be produced for many occasions and reasons, including to celebrate birthdays and weddings, used as publicity for schools or businesses or simply to document great memories.

Photobook Sample Page
Photobook Sample Page
Photobook Sample Page

Print Ready

We can deliver you a print-ready PDF file, ready to be sent to a commercial printer. This can be prepared to your specifications, including size, trim, bleed and printer’s marks.

Alternatively, if you have requested a Kindle version of your book to be prepared, we can provide an equivalent PDF file ready for print that matches the electronic version.

Some books are intricate and layout heavy. We would strongly recommend that these books are prepared for print as a separate process to preparing the Kindle version, as we can then control the layout and fine-tune each element to fit harmoniously into the book design.

Kindle Ready

We can prepare your book for publishing on the Amazon Kindle platform. We can prepare it for a variety of other e-readers, but specialize in formatting specifically for the Kindle. Publishing your book on the Kindle platform makes it part of the largest library and store of its kind in the world. There are many people who have moved completely away from printed books to electronic versions, and the Kindle is by far the largest platform and device for these books in existence.

When you provide us with your manuscript, we will convert it for you into the Kindle electronic format, as well as ensure that all the correct elements are there and are in the correct place.

Please be aware that when you publish your book electronically, you have to sacrifice some of your control over its appearance in order for it to work well on the devices. The electronic version that we create is optimised for the Kindle platform and guaranteed to work on that platform.

If you wish to have a fixed layout, especially with elements such as photos, which is not allowed to “flow” depending on the device, understand that it can limit the platforms on which it will be able to be sold.

Cover Design

Creating the correct cover for your book is essential because people DO judge a book by its cover. We can assist you in the creation of your cover. A single page cover is required for the Kindle version of your book, and a full-spread cover (front and back) for the print version.


Maxine Immelman-Venter

What type of files do you require for KDP print? I work with Indesign


    John Dovey

    Whatever files you have. We use inDesign for most of our layout work, but have other software for preparing the KDP files to avoid the incompatiblities that inDesign’s export option creates.


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