Professional Layout – Not just a “Word Doc”

I offer to deliver a professional product, one that displays correctly across all devices, scaling for fo t size and screen orientation and keeping images scaled correctly and placed where they were intended to go, alongside the text that they are related to.

Anyone who has experienced the results of what happens when an w-book is created by simply dumping an MS Word file into a converter will have experienced this; the frustration because images aren’t where they are meant to be, not having a table of contents that links directly to the relevant part of the document, not having footnotes that work and more

We use software that we have paid many thousands of Rands for to create the ebooks. There is a reason for that, it’s because it ensures that we can guarantee that the formatting is reliable and the file format perfectly comparable with the platform that it needs to be. There is absolutely no comparison between an automatically generated conversion and one that has been hand crafted with specialist software.

Once we have created the layout, then it is a simple matter to generate the appropriate files for a variety of platforms, which include Amazon Kindle, Nook, Google Books and others. It is also possible to use this layout to generate a print ready version.

The service we offer is to prepare your book for uploading to one of the various online sites that will make it available in different formats. The obvious first step is to load it to Amazon so that there is both a Kindle and a Print version available, and we will provide you with files for both of these options. The other platforms we can provide files for on request.

Please contact us to discuss your project. We have a basic option which involves converting your document into the appropriate formats, and the. Value added services such as cover design, copy-editing and others.

Feel free to send me email at Dovey.john@gmail.com or WhatsApp me on +50762954012 and we can discuss your project

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