Pedasi? Venao? Beaches?

We have noticed that a lot of people are very disappointed when they get to the town of Pedasi and see that it isn’t right on the beachfront. We also had this impression based on the internet but the beaches are in actual fact about 4 kms from the town centre. There are several beaches and some are dangerous for swimmers. You can hire a bicycle or walk or take a taxi to the beach.

Playa El Toro and Playa El Arenal are the closest. You can swim or take a boat across to the beautiful island of Isla Iguana from El Arenal.

Do not swim at Playa La Garita (several people have died there because of strong currents etc)

Other beaches just a little further on are Destiladeros and Panamae. One of our favourite beaches to swim as a family is Playa Playita. (Not far from Venao) It is a safe cove and has lovely area to sit as well as a restaurant that serves delicious freshly fried fish and chips for about 6 dollars. There is a fee to enter as it is part of a reserve but well worth it. Approx 5 dollars a person. Less for children.

We also find that a lot of advertising and articles imply that Venao and Pedasi are the same. They are not. Venao is 25.9 km from Pedasi. It is very popular as a surf destination and party hotspot for young people. It is quite commercial and not to everyone’s taste. But that said, it has great restaurants right on the beach. Some have pools. You can also ride horses and have a surf lesson.

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