Why the name El Gato de Fuego?

So you are probably wondering why we chose the name El Gato de Fuego? Well, John first thought of the ‘Fire Cat’… thinking Jaguar .. Jungle.. strength but I felt that was a bit harsh and wouldn’t necessarily suit all our projects .. then we thought of ‘The fireside cat’ but that implies hearth, heart, home .. suitable for hostel or cafe but not for adventure. So we compromised with ‘The Cat of Fire.’ Spanish is of course necessary because we are in Panama and El Gato de Fuego is so cool to say ! We can then use the concept in various forms according to what we offer. The associated image would then influence how you interpret ‘ cat of Fire’ from a cat curled up by the fire or one of whimsy to the more stealthy, wild cat for adventure and survival training.

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