The Back-story

John and I arrived in Panama some 7 months ago. We had all sorts of ideas — and after many hours of deliberation, chatting, heated debate and speculation … we went back to our original thoughts! A “backpacker’s” affordable, entry level type hostel. One which would provide a safe and comfortable environment for guests, tourists especially.

Lounge area for chilling and chatting

We have travelled extensively ourselves and often entertain our children with stories of days when we could only afford a croissant or backed potato for a day’s food while wondering around London, Paris or Berlin.

We wanted to offer the basics but with extra thoughtful touches — we are just at the beginning of this new experience so ask for your indulgence while we figure it out.

Cats painted on the walls, driftwood numbers and various other personal touches abound

Our family, John, Shirene and our three daughters, is one that delights in taking the path less travelled. We left behind our beloved country, our friends, out family and all the comforts we had their to embark on this new life adventure. We are all about LIVING and pushing ourselves. We are hard working and innovative; we have painted, sanded, cleaned, weeded and welded and all had a part in creating this displace for our future guests.

Leah varnishing
John Cutting Wood
Me painting cats in the shared kitchen/eating area

We are going to start by opening the hostel to guests, but still have to develop the back garden and the cafe. We are not entirely certain if it will be a cafe as such. Artworks and plant products will also be available. It is a labour of love and growth.

Taming the Jungle

We have also learnt, through some devastating experiences, that life is truly not about possessions but about moments and experiences.

Our Hostel Sign

There is a song that Frodo Baggins, Peregrin Took and Sam Gamgee sin on the way to Crickhollow. One of the verses of that songs says;

Home is behind, the World ahead
And there are many paths to tread.
Home is Behind, The World Ahead

We believe that we are the “lighted inn” that can offer evening-rest while you follow the road that goes ever on!



Thank you for sharing.


Phil van der Merwe

Love this – good luck you guys!


Pete Smorfitt

Cool please keep me updated


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