Unigirl and her Grand Adventures Book 1 by Sophiah Dovey

My eight year old daughter loves to tell stories and she has discovered the thrill of writing and illustrating. She decided that she would like to write a series about her own Superhero creation – Unigirl.

A young girl called Izzy has unique abilities ..her own super powers called Unabilities! She discovers her true powers when she turns 13. Unigirl encounters Shockman who wants to convert a city into cheese but Unigirl manages to stop him in his tracks.

UniGirl and her Grand Adventures

This story is completely Sophiah’s invention. She drew the illustrations and I had to colour them {I was given specific instructions on colours etc} and add the odd touch but it is all her own creation. She is working on the second book in the series Unigirl and the One-pop-a-whis!

You can purchase this book from Amazon https://amzn.to/2IFMVbq and all the proceeds will go directly to Sophiah.

I love enabling her and allowing her to explore this process of self discovery with delight! One of the greatest gifts we can give children is to help them find their joy, strengths and that which makes their heart sing.
I encourage you to allow children to write and illustrate. There are no rules – no correct colours etc it is their space to create their own world.


Pamela Whitby

Brilliant Sophiah. I see great things ahead!


    John Dovey

    Thanks Pam. I passed the message on to Sophiah


John Dovey

Well done to Sophiah!


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