To Honour – On the 75th Anniversary of D-Day

I met Wendy Jackson and Patricia Meyer a few years ago. We got on like a “house on fire” as they say, and I was inspired by their love of history and family and life in general! This is the story of a Scottish family caught up in the Great War of 1914… the joys, sorrows, doubts and fears of the young soldiers and their family. A Scottish version of ‘Saving Private Ryan’ if you like!

The narrative covers soldiers, their regiments, the battles they fought in 1915, Bethune, Loos and the Gallipoli campaign. Regiments involved are The Queen’s own Cameron Highlanders, the Nelson Battalion, RN, and the Glasgow Highlanders. The book records not only the horror of trench warfare, but what it was like back home. It will appeal not only to those who have fought in wars, but the mothers, wives, sweethearts, who waited and hoped for their return.

The book also explores the case of Frank Hamilton Cowie and the appeal to the Lothian and Peebles Military Appeal Tribunal. Frank Hamilton Cowie’s later moved to South Africa. The book has a section at the back briefly illustrating how, his descendants have been involved, and still are, in South Africa’s fabric. From anti-apartheid apartheid activists to the family business of manufacturing of the traditional cloth, Shweshwe to the practice of Law and Human Rights. This beautifully written account also includes photographs.

To Honour by Patricia Hamilton
To Honour by Patricia Hamilton

Some links which may be of interest to you regarding the family and the background to the book:

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