A flea for tea and fun with your children

I put this little book “A flea for tea and other stories” together for my little daughter. My husband and I have tried to enrich our daughters lives with a love of language and reading. We often play with words and puns or I make up silly rhymes to entertain them. We have read to them since they were babies. Language is fun! We wanted to demonstrate that a good command of language will empower you and give you an advantage over your peers.

This little book was a fun project to encourage my daughter and help her conquer her fear of phonics and spelling. She delighted in the responsibility of ‘approving’ of the rhymes and had a clear vision of the illustrations to accompany each rhyme.

This book will hopefully assist you to start playing word games with your children – we all know that children find toilet humour and fantastical silliness delightful. They need the freedom to have fun and play – there are no rules – nothing has to be factually correct or true!

Have some giggles and special time with your child!

A Flea for Tea
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