Sentinel Projects: Bad Guys

I first got to know Barry Fowler in 1994, when I started putting “army” stuff on the internet. There was almost nothing available online about our experiences in the SADF so I started an email list called ArmyTalk which became very popular at one stage, and Barry was one of my first subscribers.

Barry was a Psychologist in the SADF and we had many discussions about the his experiences and how it related to debriefing of soldiers immediately after combat. Barry had both a personal and professional interest in the topic. He created “Sentinel Projects” as a vehicle for him to capture the stories of ordinary guys. Each had a story, some rarely heard, as they were not the daring tales of derring-do, but rather those of the average guy just doing what he had to do.

Barry gathered these stories through personal interviews, which he then transcribed, or email conversations. Most of these stories he slowly made available on a website for public consumption.

It’s been over twenty years, and Barry’s initial vision was to make these stories available in print. His first collection, called “Pro Patria“, he published and had a small print run which sold fairly well. The rest of the stories have languished on his website all this time.

After a recent discussion with Barry, we decided it was time to finally tackle getting the stories into print. With the ease of publishing on Amazon, that is what we have started to do with this first collection, which we are calling “Monograph One“. The “Bad Guys” part of the title is an ironic dig at the demonization of the SADF that has been prevalent in the media for all these years.

This first Monologue is now available in both print and Kindle (eBook) form. There are a number of others which will follow in short order. (Update: 22 March 2019 – 2, 3 & 4 are now available on Amazon as well) For those who are newly interested, feel free to grab a copy. For those who just wish to have a collection on their shelves, this is really for you.

I would like to express the gratitude of Barry, and myself, to the contributors, some of whom typed the stories out themselves, for allowing us to share their experiences and make them available for others to share. Click on the image to see the book on Amazon.

Bad Guys: Monograph One
Bad Guys: Monograph One

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