Services we offer

We have a Hostel in Pedasi, Panama. It is located just off the main square. We also can create layout designs to suit your needs from a photo-book for your 21st birthday to your marketing portfolio - invitations and flyers to facebook banners!


Our hostel is located in a small street just off the main square in Pedasi, Panama

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Publishing Services

We specialize in preparing your book for publication on the Amazon Kindle platform or printing.

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We host various workshops from time to time. We advertise them on our Facebook page. Please like our page so that you can be notified.

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We have some art works in the hostel which are for sale.

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We organise customized adventures for people who stay in our hostel or those who make a specific request.


The Cafe will be opened when the red tape has been finalized ...

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Closing Down

Well, we are sad to announce that we will be closing El Gato de Fuego hostel. It was our pleasure to host such lovely guests. Our quirky little home from home was developing into what we had envisaged. We were just about to make major improvements and add to our services. … and then the

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The personal touch…

Our little humble hostel aims to be a simple, clean, comfortable place to stay while you explore Pedasi! Our guests so far have all commented on the personal connection with us and the fact that they feel as if they are part of our family! We feel that it is this interest, in people and

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Pedasi? Venao? Beaches?

We have noticed that a lot of people are very disappointed when they get to the town of Pedasi and see that it isn’t right on the beachfront. We also had this impression based on the internet but the beaches are in actual fact about 4 kms from the town centre. There are several beaches

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Why the name El Gato de Fuego?

So you are probably wondering why we chose the name El Gato de Fuego? Well, John first thought of the ‘Fire Cat’… thinking Jaguar .. Jungle.. strength but I felt that was a bit harsh and wouldn’t necessarily suit all our projects .. then we thought of ‘The fireside cat’ but that implies hearth, heart,

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The Back-story

John and I arrived in Panama some 7 months ago. We had all sorts of ideas — and after many hours of deliberation, chatting, heated debate and speculation … we went back to our original thoughts! A “backpacker’s” affordable, entry level type hostel. One which would provide a safe and comfortable environment for guests, tourists

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Recent Project Descriptions

Lucy the Ant Ballerina

Soldier's Verse: An Anthology of Poetry

War Brothers (War World Book 1)

Umvoti Mounted Rifles History

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